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Toony Tails - exhibition of wildlife cartoons with WWF India (Science Centre, Guwahati, July- September 2019)
Toony Tails- exhibition of wildlife cartoons with WWF India (New Delhi, September- December 2018)
'Pugmarks and Carbon Footprints' - an exhibition of cartoons on sustainability and conservation, Goethe Zentrum, Hyderabad, 16th April to 1st May, 2016.
Art for Hornbills (A group display of exclusive hornbill artwork)- Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore, 5th and 6th December, 2015
Wildlife the Toonie Way, an exhibition of wildlife caricatures- GP Birla Centre, Hyderabad (5th and 6th June, 2015)
Wildlife the Toonie Way- an exhibition of wildlife caricatures, Indian Cartoon Gallery, Bangalore (September 2014)
Cartoon exhibition with Kids for Tiger at 'Tigerfest', Maharashtra Nature Park, Mumbai (January 2010)
The Lost Sparrow- a group display by 26 Indian artists on sparrow conservation, Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi (October 2011)
Get Eco-creative- a group display on sustainable living, Melbourne (February 2013)

Talks and workshops-

                                Cartoons in Conservation Communication, talk for IISER Bhopal

Cartoons for the Cartoonstock Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre Cartoonathon (3rd November 2020)
Wildlife Cartooning Demonstration for the Hawaiian East West Centre (webinar, 28th September 2020)

Cartoons in Conservation Communication: a talk for ATBC August 2020 (webinar)
'Is That Even a Job Profile, a Career in Wildlife Cartooning': a talk for the Animation Society of India, July 2020 (webinar)
Wildlife Cartooning Workshop on marine litter, at the WWF National Youth Summit, 30th June 2020 (Video-conference)
Mime and Tide: A talk on my experiences with marine wildife at the Coastwise Festival 2020, Nehru Centre, Mumbai (19th February, 2020)
Cartooning with Marine Animals: Workshop at the Coastwise Festival 2020, Nehru Centre, Mumbai (19th February, 2020)
Bird Business book release at the Nature in Focus festival (3rd August, 2019)
Bird Business book discussion (IIHS Bangalore, 31st July 2019)
Introduction to Bird Business and Book Release (BNHS, Mumbai, 7th June)
Panel Discussion on Climate Change at City Scripts, IIHS, Bangalore- 8th February, 2019
Cartoons in conservation Communication- a talk at the WWF India Global Education Summit, New Delhi, January 31st, 2019
Panel Discussion on Urban Wildlife at the Hyderabad Literary Festival, 27th January, 2019
'Cartoons in Conservation Communication'- a talk at Pondicherry University (4th October, 2018)
'Cartoons in Conservation Communication'- a talk at Symbiosis University, Pune (26th September, 2018)
Elephants in Cartoons- a workshop for school students at the Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts, New Delhi, during Wildlife Trust of India's 'GajMahotsav' Elephant  Festival , 14th August, 2019

'Wildlife the Toonie Way' - Wildlife cartooning workshop at ATBC, Kuching, Malaysia (Pullman Kuching, 1st July, 2018)

'Cartoons in Conservation Communication' - a talk at ATBC Kuching, Malaysia (Old Court House, Kuching, 2nd July, 2018)

'Cartoons in Conservation Communication'- a talk at the Indie Comix Festival (The Design Village, Noida, 13th May, 2018)
'The Big Dipper' - a talk on my journey as a bird-watcher (Hyderabad Birding Pals, Hotel Marigold, Hyderabad, 31st March, 2018)
'The Big Dipper' - a talk on my journey as a bird-watcher (Karnataka Bird Festival, Mangalore, February 2018)
Drawing for Birds- a talk at the 2nd Goa Bird Festival (Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, January 2018)
Cartoons in Conservation Communication- a talk at the WWF International Youth Forum,Ming Yuen, Hong Kong, hosted by WWF Hong Kong
Cartoons in Conservation Communication- a talk at the Nature in Focus Photography Festival (19th  August, 2017, Bangalore. Details here)
'Art and Wildlife'- a talk at the Saevus Nature Olympiad finale, Mumbai, 14/4/2017
Wildlife cartooning workshop- WWF India and Navjyoti Foundation, Gurgaon 21/3/2017
Wildlife cartooning workshop- Pakke Tiger Reserve (Tippi Interpretation Centre), 9/1/2017
Wildlife Cartooning Workshop- YETI, Tezpur, 6/1/2017
Wildlife Cartooning Workshop- National Children's Literary Festival, Bhuwaneshwar, 10/12/2016
Wildlife Cartooning Workshop- WWF India, 24/12/2016
Wildlife cartooning workshop at West Kameng, Arunachal Pradesh (12th November, 2016)
'India's Environmental Crisis in Cartoons'- a talk at St. Stephen's College, New Delhi- 28th October, 2016
'Art and Wildlife'- a talk at Shiv Nadar University, Greater Noida- 5th October, 2016
Wildlife cartooning workshop- Oakridge International School, Hyderabad, 13th July, 2016
'Drawing for Birds'- A talk on bird art and conservation (A part of the Delhibird talk series)- 14th June, WWF India, New Delhi.
'Illustrative Maps as a Communication Tool'- a talk on my illustrated map series at ICIMOD, Kathmandu, Nepal- 15th March, 2016
Wildlife cartooning workshop at the National Conference on Ethology and Evolution, IISER Mohali, (30th October, 2015)
'Cartoons and psychology and other stuff I don't quite understand but would still like to talk about': An illustrated talk- St. Francis College for Women, Hyderabad (9th June, 2015)
Wildlife cartooning workshop- (5th June 2015, GP Birla Centre, Hyderabad)
Guest speaker at the Karnataka Bird Festival (Ranganthitu Bird Sanctuary, Mysore, March 2015)
Guest speaker at 'Art & Elephants', (Namma Metro Art Gallery, Bangalore, December 2014)
'Art & Wildlife'- a talk on the use of art for conservation and awareness (NCBS, Bangalore, September 2014) 
Guest speaker at The Aruncahal Bird Festival, Eaglenest WLS, Arunachal Pradesh (February 2014)

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