Books and Projects

Sea Ice? Now You Don't! : A Green Humour Collection (Penguin)
The Great Indian Nature Trail with Chunmun (Juggernaut-Indian Pitta-WWF India)
Pugmarks and Carbon Footprints: A Green Humour Collection (Penguin)
Naturalist Ruddy- Adventurer Sleuth Mongoose (Penguin) (Winner: Best Book, Children's non-fiction at the Bangalore Literature Festival / Atta Galatta Book Prize for 2021, Winner: Green Literature Festival 2021 Honour Award, children's non-fiction)
Bird Business (BNHS) (Runner up: Best Illustrator, Publishing Next Awards 2020)
Making Friends with Snakes (Pratham Books in collaboration with Madras Crocodile Bank)
(Winner: Green Literature Festival 2021 Honour, Children's Category)
(Nominated for Valley of Words Book Awards 2021)

A Day Out with Delphie: Comic-cum-colouring book on dolphins of the Mediterranean and Black Seas (ACCOBAMS)
Where's Gaju's Herd? (A comic-cum-colouring book for WTI's Gaj Yatra elephant campaign)
Who ate all that up? (as illustrator, Pratham Books)
Wild Cat! Wild Cat! (as illustrator, Pratham Books)
Did You Hear (as illustrator, Pratham Books)
Watch Out, the Tiger is Here! (as illustrator, Pratham Books)
Something to Chew on- A book on food (as cartoonist, Kalpavriksh)
The Secret Garden (as cartoonist, Nature Science Initiative)
Seasonwatch- A children's activity book on trees (as illustrator, Nature Conservation Foundation)

Projects on wildlife and conservation (Click on the links for previews. Previews of unpublished projects are temporarily unavailable)-

Illustrated Map of Nepal: Mountains, People, Biodiversity (International Mountain Museum)
Live Cartoons at the COP 28 Resilience Hub  (Global Resilience Partnership: cartoon gallery on their website here)
Wildlife Map of Goa (Mrugaya Xpeditions)
Saving Our Stripes 'Tigertoons' : A month long pocket-cartoon column for The Times of India commemorating 50 years of Project Tiger
Wildlife Map of Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve: Forest Department of Maharashtra
Live Cartoons for the COP27 Resilience Hub (Global Resilience Partnership)
False Bay: Habitat illustration for the Save Our Seas Foundation's Shark Education Centre in Cape Town
Lolo's Flying Journey: A kids' game on the migration of the Black-faced Spoonbill (available in English, Chinese and Korean here) - WWF Hong Kong
Biodiversity Map of Srinagar (ICLEI and J&K Forest Department)
Great Himalayan National Park (Map for Himachal Forest Dept.)
Cartoons for the SHEAR Programme (Cartoonstock and Red Cross Red Crescent)
Cartoons on the UNFCC COP 26 for the Climate Justice Resilience Fund / Cartoonstock
Cartoons on the UNFCCC COP 26 for the International Red Cross Red Crescent / Cartoonstock
Wildlife Map of Himachal Pradesh (Himachal Forest Dept)
Bats in Asia Pacific Cultures (Map illustration for Rimba Research)
Eco-tourism Cartoon Advisories for Aramness Resort
Ocean Zones (Poster for Arastirmaci Cocuk Magazine)
Sharks and Rays (Illustrations for the Save Our Seas Foundation)
Hyderabad Biodiversity Map (ICLEI)
Cartoons for the International Red Cross Red Crescent (Cartoonstock Cartoonathon)
Cartoons for the Climate Justice Resilience Fund (Cartoonstock Cartoonathon)
Wildlife of Ladakh (Interactive illustration for WWF India)
Comic on Carbon Sinks for Client Earth
Red-breasted Goose (Bulgarian Society for Protection of Birds / Birdlife Bulgaria)
Cartoons for the Climate Justice Resilience Fund (Cartoonstock Cartoonathon)
Wetland Bird Illustrations for WWF Hong Kong
Illustrations for Singapore Bird Race (Singapore Nature Society)
Merchandise for Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park (Forest Department of Andaman and Nicobar Islands)
Mammals of Sikkim and their tracks (Forest Department of Sikkim)
Fambonglho Wildlife Sanctuary (Forest Department of Sikkim)
Merchandise for Sikkim Wildlife Sanctuaries (Forest Department of Sikkim)
Mothers' Day cartoon postcards for Birdlife International
Spring Migration Superstars- Comics for Birdlife International
Jujurana- Mascot for the Great Himalayan National Park
Poster on Spoon-billed Sandpiper (Birdlife International)
Cartoons on the East Asian Australasian Flyway (Birdlife International Asia, Singapore)
The Great Indian Nature Trail II (sequel to The Great Indian Nature Trail, comic series for WWF India's One Planet Academy)
Vikramshila Gangetic Dolphin Sanctuary (Habitat illustration and posters)- Forest Department of Bihar
Durian and Bats (Comics and infographics for Project Pteropus, Malaysia)
Great Bear Rainforest Canada (Save Our Seas Foundation)
Birding in a Gho (National Geographic Traveller)
Fauna of Coastal India (Posters for UNDP)
Bimini Biological Field Station (Save our Seas Foundation, Bahamas)
Travel Itineraries by Migratory Birds (National Geographic Traveller)
Natural History Map of Valparai (Nature Conservation Foundation)
Flora, Fauna and Landscapes of Valparai (Nature Conservation Foundation)
Crested Ibis Campaign Mascot (Beidaihe Wetland Park, China)
Bindu the Whale Shark (Poster for WTI)
Shyamu the Wild Buffalo (Mascot for WTI's Wild Buffalo Campaign)
Hong the Swan Goose (Mascot for Beidaihe Wetland Park, China)
Macha the Fishing Cat (Mascot and posters for Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary, Andhra Pradesh)
Every Breath Counts (Cartoons for a toolkit on air-pollution)
Indian Bird Migration Atlas (Bombay Natural History Society)
Linking Rivers with Wildlife (Illustrated map series for Nature in Focus)
Comics for the Save our Seas Foundation, Seychelles
The Wildlife of D'Arros and St. Joseph Atoll (Save our Seas Foundation, Seychelles)
An Illustrated Map of Pachmarhi (Madhya Pradesh Forest Department)
Wild Atlas (Concept and layouts for a wildlife web board game for WWF India)
Corals in Cartoons- Nature in Focus
Nanhi the Giant Squirrel- Mascot for Satpura Tiger Reserve (The Forest Department of Madhya Pradesh)
Leatherback Sea Turtle (Comic for Nature in Focus)
Kameng Raft Fall (Comic for Nature in Focus)
Kanha Tiger Reserve- an illustrated map (The Forest Department of Madhya Pradesh)
World Sparrow Day comic (Nature in Focus)
Bhoorsingh the Barasingha (Mascot for Kanha National Park) (Additional posters and comics here)
Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary (Shergaon Forest Division, Arunachal Pradesh Forest Department)
Carnivores of Madagascar (Rare Species Conservation Trust, UK)
Cycle par Mandla- Event poster for the District Collector's Ofice, Mandla
New Year Resolutions by Some Indian Animals (Comic for Nature in Focus)
Comics for Arastirmaci Cocuk Merkezi (A Turkish children's magazine)
The Wildlife Map of Bhutan (WWF Bhutan. News here)
Snake Myths Busted (Poster for
Mangal the Mangrove Tree (poster for WTI)
Busting myths about snakes- Infographic for HSI India
15 Animal Laws in India- Infographic for HSI India
Bird perches in degraded forests (Comic for Conservation Evidence)
Kailash Sacred Landscape- An illustrated map (ICIMOD)
Muthu the Lion-tailed Macaque (Mascot for Silent Valley National Park)
Mwitu the African Wild Dog (Mascot for the Endangered Wildlife Trust)
Protection and Patrolling- A cartoon guide on patrolling for forest guards (WWF India)
Caricatures for BNHS apparel & merchandise- Bombay Natural History Society
Cetaceans of Sindhudurg- Illustrated booklet for the Konkan Cetacean Research Team
Get trash off our menu- Infographic for the Nature Science Initiative
Hooked by the Hornbill- an illustrated story for Nat Geo Traveller
Karnataka Ecotourism Map (Karnataka Ecotourism)
Wildlife Week 2015 web banner (Nat Geo Traveller)
Poster for HSI India's Indian Roller campaign
Tiger Tourism in India (Illustrated satire for Nat Geo Traveller)
Endemic Fauna of the Western Ghats (CEPF- ATREE)
Manas National Park- an Illustrated Map (Wildlife Trust of India)
Illustrated map of Pakke Tiger Reserve (WTI/ Arunachal Pradesh Forest Department)
Saevus supplement cover- Maori Wrasse
Illustrations for Saevus Magazine
The Illustrated Life of Dr. Salim Ali (National Geographic Traveller)
Courtship Displays of Indian Birds (National Geographic Traveller)
Poster for the Pakke Paga Festival (Nature Conservation Foundation)
Go Butterflying (Illustrated handbook on butterflies for Saevus magazine)
Shadow the Snow Leopard (Illustrated supplement for Saevus magazine)

Current publishers of the comic strip-
The Hindu Sunday Magazine(weekly)
Roundglass Sustain (weekly)
GoComics (weekly)
Chakmak Magazine (Hindi, monthly)
(Past- Sanctuary Asia, Sustainuance, Tinkle Digest, Current Conservation, The Hindu BLink, Pune Mirror, Sunday Mid-day, Arastirmaci Cocuk Merkezi Turkey)

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