Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Crested Ibis Mascot for Beidaihe Wetland Park

The Crested Ibis is an endangered member of the ibis family, found in Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan and Russia. Like all ibises, it inhabits wetlands and marshes, and is threatened by the loss of these habitats. Successful captive breeding and reintroduction efforts in China have brought some respite for the species, and Beidaihe Wetland Park  in China is one such haven for these birds.

Here's a set of illustrations that I created for a Crested Ibis conservation campaign at Beidaihe. My thanks to the park management for not just commissioning me for the project, but also giving me a chance to learn about this species!

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Cartoons on Bioluminescence for Arastirmaci Cocuk

This month in my page with the Turkish kids' magazine Arastirmaci Cocuk, we speak about bioluminescence! Different bioluminescent creatures such as dinoflagellates, squids, fungi, anglerfish and cookiecutter sharks feature throughout the magazine, making this issue truly #lit! 

Sunday, 14 October 2018

Some Tips to Deal with Men in Science

With the #MeToo movement finally gaining momentum in India, I hope that the issues concerning the safety of women working in ecology, wildlife science and conservation will be discussed and addressed, and that there will be a focus on creation of safe working environments for women in these fields. Being male, and not having been on the receiving end of sexual harassment, I realize that I may not fully comprehend the gravity of the situation. Hence, the comic has been created with inputs from various female friends, seniors and mentors working in ecology and conservation. I thank them for trusting me with the information, and for sharing their experiences with me.

The comic appears in my column with Sunday Mid-day.