Sunday, 5 April 2020

Jujurana- Mascot for the Great Himalayan National Park

Meet Jujurana the Western Tragopan, the official mascot for the Great Himalayan National Park in Himachal Pradesh. The park is among the last places in the wild where this majestic but rare pheasant can still be seen. Threatened by hunting and habitat loss, the resplendent bird lives in high altitude temperate forests.

Watch my friend Munmun Dhalaria's brilliant documentary on the Western Tragopan, and the people who protect it, on National Geographic here.

Coronavirus and Bats

Bats don't give us Coronavirus. Our ill-treatment of bats gives us various diseases. Comic from my column with RoundGlass Sustain, and a humble attempt at dispelling a myth that may be potentially harmful to bats, by this exasperated Flying Fox.

I have also translated this comic into Hindi here:

The comic in Spanish (translation by Farah Carrasco)

The comic in Bengali (translation by Swarupa Chakraborty)-