Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Desert Locust Plague

The Desert Locust Plague of 2020, now swarming across India and poised to cause famine in its path, is a perfect example of how the impacts of climate change in one part of the world could affect an altogether different region. Experts believe that the bumper breeding of these crop-raiding locusts this year traces back to unforeseen imbalances in the Indian Ocean Dipole (yes, the same phenomenon linked with the bushfires of Australia) and two cyclonic events in East Africa that created ephemeral lakes in the desert and facilitated locust breeding.

Tuesday, 26 May 2020

MoEFCC Chairman, Resign

From modifying the EIA to suit corporations and industries to boasting of a record of granting the quickest clearances to environmentally sensitive projects, MoEFCC Chairman Prakash Javadekar has made India's environment ministry a laughing stock. And all we have done so far is watch and laugh, without thinking of what this joke's practical repercussions could be.

After recent fiascos like a fudged EIA by the Wildlife Institute of India to sell out Dibang Valley, and the Dehing Patkai mining sanction, the heat is on the MoEFCC. It is time we account for responsibility from this ministry, and demand that its Chairman either perform or resign. 

Comic from my column with The Hindu, best read in a David Attenborough voice.