Sunday 18 September 2011

Life's good for a Male Chaffinch!

Winter is about to commence, and so is migration time! Did you know that in Scandinavia, only the female Chaffinch migrates, while the male stays home? What a life!

While chaffinches inhabiting milder climates are not migratory, the ones living in colder regions vacate their native lands in the winters. The often form mixed flocks with other passerines such as Bramblings. They nest in small cup-shaped structures where the female, herself a granivore, feeds her chicks a protein-rich diet of insects and grubs.


  1. Hi! Greetings from Brazil!
    Where can I find more information about this sex-dependent migration of Chaffinches???

    Thanks! Love your blog!!!

  2. Thanks a lot, Tata. Great to have readers from Brazil here :)