Tuesday 20 March 2012

Won the Asia Pacific Cartoon Contest on Climate Change

A cartoon I drew on the issue of climate change in the Sunderbans won me the first prize in the Asia-Pacific Cartoon Contest on climate change. I quite cherish this win because the theme was very close to my heart and the contest too was a no-nonsense one, sans 'public voting', number of facebook 'likes' etc. Read more about the cartoon http://www.cartooncontestasiapacific.com/?p=836 and the contest http://www.cartooncontestasiapacific.com/?page_id=12
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  1. Congratulations Rohan.... well deserved one.... you have a fabulous gift of how to present green issues to the larger audience....

  2. This is a class apart...Master stroke...and so touchy !!!
    Congratulations Roahan

  3. great.. congratulations..keep up the good work!!