Monday 28 May 2012

The Harbinger

The Pied/ Jacobin Cuckoo is considered to be the harbinger of monsoons in India due to the time of its arrival. It has also found representation in Indian mythology as 'Chatak', a bird with a beak on its head, waiting for the monsoons to quench its thirst. Migrant watch's 'Pied Cuckoo Campaign' aims at tracking down this very special bird's migratory pattern. If you are an Indian birding enthusiast, you can contribute by logging on to and recording your sightings.
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  1. LOL! That's a good one! Very imaginative!

  2. LOL...awesome... thats creative and funny rohan..... congrats !!!

  3. Saw Chatak today..... As soon as i saw one i started laughing coz i remembered this.... Superb work!! :)

  4. Now each time I hear a Pied-Cuckoo calling and rains following immediately, I will remember this and smile to myself. Very imaginative.