Friday 13 July 2012


Narcondam Island, a tiny island in the Andaman & Nicobar Island group is a notified wildlife sanctuary sheltering 300 Narcondam Hornbills, an endangered species of hornbill found nowhere else in the world. A proposal from the Indian Coast Guard to build a radar installation and diesel power generation station on the island will prove to be a major peril for the island and its residents, owing to the large scale destruction that would follow it inevitably. The campaign initiated by conservationists to save Narcondam is gaining momentum. Visit to add your voice.
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  1. Hi Rohan,
    This is a great cartoon depicting the current threat to the Narcondam Hornbill.
    Can this cartoon be used in Andaman Chronicle, a daily published from Andamans
    Andaman Chronicle.

  2. Certainly. Let me know whom to send the printable file to. I'm