Tuesday 12 March 2013

World Sparrow Day

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The declines in sparrow populations were first noticed in North America and were attributed to the spread of the House Finch. However, declines have been reported worldwide. Various causes for this have been proposed, including electromagnetic radiation, shortage of food and disease. In India, the sparrow evidently faces a sudden shortage of nesting sites owing to growing urban architecture, and is hence rapidly disappearing from cities. In the Netherlands, the population of sparrows has dropped to nearly half since the 1980s and the bird is even considered endangered there.

20th March is celebrated as World Sparrow Day. The initiative was started by Mohammad Dilawar of 'Nature Forever' (http://www.natureforever.org/), who has been spearheading sparrow conservation efforts in India. 
The poster is available as A3 size prints (you can email me the to order your copies).  To read my cartoons on sparrows, visit http://greenhumour.blogspot.in/search/label/sparrow
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