Saturday 1 August 2015

The Attenborough's Flat Lizard

I've always wanted to do a tribute to the world's favourite wildlife presenter, Sir David Attenborough, after Rosemary Mosco's famous cartoon tribute to the man in her amazing 'Bird and Moon' comics. The opportunity came by when recently, a species of African Flat Lizard (Genus Platysaurus) was named Platysaurus Attenboroughii or the Attenborough's Flat Lizard, in honour of Sir David, who is responsible for bringing the animal to the limelight with his show 'Life in Cold Blood'. The marvelous looking lizard is a native of southern Africa and inhabits rocky habitats in mesic savanna. It is extremely acrobatic, often performing 360 degree airborne flips while catching flies!

The comic appears in my GoComics page today and is also available as prints and mugs on my online store here.

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