Saturday 29 October 2016

Diwali and Owls

On owl-poaching and firecrackers from my column with Mid-Day.

Happy Diwali, folks! Please celebrate responsibly, and cracker-free. 

(And to religious trolls who are going to come for my throat as usual, saying, "Where were you when goats were slaughtered during Bakri-Eid?": Green Humour deals with wildlife conservation and environmental issues. The poaching of owls is illegal, and an offence against wildlife. Burning firecrackers results in environmental hazards. If the celebration of Eid causes harm to wildlife in any manner, please let me know, and I will draw about it. If inciting communal hatred is your only agenda coming after me, try elsewhere. There's tremendous scope for your breed online these days. And a happy Diwali to you too!).

Another one on firecrackers and stray dogs in India-

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