Monday 19 June 2017

Hammerhead Sharks of the World

Know your hammerhead sharks with this new poster! There are 9 species of Hammerheads (10, if you include the Whitefin Hammerhead, which is lumped with the Scalloped now). The Great Hammerhead is the largest species while the Scalloped Bonnethead is the smallest. The 'hammer' or 'cephalofoil' is used to locate and immobilize prey (specially rays, which are a favourite food of the larger hammerheads). Widely hunted for their fins, hammerhead populations are on the decline, with three species already endangered.

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For orders within India, mail me on The range of merchandise for Indian orders is listed below-

A1 Posters (loose)- Rs. 3000 each
A2 Posters (loose)- Rs. 1200 each
Mounted Posters (A3- Individual species and compilation)- Rs. 2000
Loose Posters (A3- Individual species and compilation)- Rs. 500 for the first copy and Rs. 200 for the second copy onwards
Fridge Magnets (65 x 65 mm, Printed in sets of 4)- Any 4 shark caricatures for Rs. 1200
Coasters (3.5" x 3.5", Printed in sets of 6)- Any 6 shark caricatures for Rs. 800
Coffee Mug (Compilation)- Rs. 850

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