Sunday 18 March 2018

Little Things You and I Can Do to Save Sparrows

Some simple steps you and I can take to bring the sparrow back into our lives and neighbourhoods. From my column with Sunday Mid-day.

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I've been a sparrow landlord since 2016, and have hosted around 10 broods of House Sparrows in my four nest boxes collectively so far. Here are some pictures-

(A family of Oriental Magpie Robins too had occupied one of my boxes last year!)


  1. These are some great boxes ! The family must be having a wonderful time !

  2. Wonderful rohan.. So not just a preacher ehe? Just kidding.

    I've shifted to a new house in chennai and to my suprise i found many of these darlings in my locality.. Happy to hear them go chirp chirp chirp.c