Tuesday 17 April 2018

Research in Translation- Green Turtles at Lanyu Island

The first comic in my series with Current Conservation magazine, 'Research in Translation', that aims to re-tell scientific papers in the form of comic strips, deals with a rather complex issue. Green Turtles in Taiwan had been having a relatively peaceful time owing to a cultural taboo of the Yami/Tao indigenous people, who perceived them as evil, and avoided any contact with them. However, recent conservation measures have back-fired, provoking the ire of the Yami community. 

Credits for the paper: Tzu-Ming Liu. 2017. Unexpected threat from conservation to endangered species: Reflections from the front-line staff on sea turtle conservation. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, 60:2255-2271.

Prof. Andrea D. Phillott is a sea turtle biologist teaching conservation biology, ecology, and environmental studies at FLAME University in Pune, India.

Are you a conservation biologist looking to simplify your study for the layman? Follow the steps listed here and have your paper converted into a comic. 
(With thanks to Manini Bansal, Nandini Velho and Kartik Shanker)

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