Wednesday 31 October 2018

Gurgaon Aravalli Biopark

Gurgaon's Aravalli Biopark- its last remaining 'green lung' is under threat from a highway being planned by the National Highway Authority of India. The city, already grappling with some of the gravest ground water and air related concerns in the country, is set to lose this indispensable stretch of an imperiled hill range. Thankfully, massive protests from citizens have ensued, and a campaign to save the park is being undertaken.  Do lend your voice to the campaign using the hashtags #saveABDP, #NahiToNHAI and #SaveAravalliBiodiversityPark .

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  1. Gurgaon is a indystrial area their is a lot of air & water pollution.As the city has more pollution the city is grappling . The air pollution hampers the life of its inhabiatants . And water pollution also effect aquatic lives badly . Thish is not only the problem or hazard of Gurgaon but also the cryses of the world today.
    If this activity of man continues then our world
    will Soon facing another ice age. Therfour in my opinion it needs awarnessto minimize such hazards to save the life on this earth