Wednesday 4 September 2019

Crocodilians of the World

Crocodilians are among the world's most popular as well as the most misunderstood reptiles. While cultures such as the ancient Egyptians and the Aztecs venerated crocodiles, they have today been reduced to creatures of peril. Crocodilians in fact, are pivotal to the ecosystems they inhabit, playing the role of super-predators, regulating the populations of terrestrial, aquatic as well as marine prey species, and (as in the case of smaller crocodiles and juveniles) also acting as prey for larger carnivores.

Crocodiles have been around since dinosaurs roamed the earth, and today inhabit every continent except Europe and the poles. They range in size from the massive 20 feet Estuarine Crocodile (also the largest living reptile in the world) to the tiny 4.9 feet Dwarf Crocodile. Several species of crocodilians are critically endangered today because of habitat loss and hunting. 

This brand new poster features all the 26 species of crocodilians described by science, and gives you their conservation status. The compilation is available as a wide range of prints and merchandise on my webstore here.

For prints and merchandise of the 'Alligators of the World' compilation, visit my webstore here.

For orders within India, e-mail me on The range of products for Indian orders is as follows-

A1 Posters (Matte surface, loose)- Rs. 3000 for the first print, 2500 for the second print onwards
A2 Posters (Matte surface, loose)- Rs. 1200 for the first print, 1000 for the second print onwards
Loose Posters (A3- Individual species and compilation)- Rs. 500 for the first copy and Rs. 200 for the second copy onwards
Fridge Magnets (65 x 65 mm, Printed in sets of 4)- Any 4 cat caricatures for Rs. 1200
Coasters (3.5" x 3.5", Printed in sets of 6)- Any 6 cat caricatures for Rs. 800
Coffee Mug (Compilation)- Rs. 850
Tshirts (individual species/compilation)- Rs. 1300 (White, Cotton, roundneck, sizes- S,M,L,XL)

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