Wednesday 17 June 2020

Albatrosses of the World

Know your Albatrosses this World Albatross Day (19th June)! Renowned for their incredible wingspans and ability to soar long distances at sea, albatrosses have long fascinated seamen and birders alike. 22 species are recognized by the IUCN, ranging across the Southern Ocean and the North Pacific. Albatrosses are some of the longest-living birds in the world, and 'Wisdom' a Laysan Albatross is the oldest banded wild bird. Albatrosses are threatened severely by longline fishing, feral animals in their nesting grounds, overfishing and habitat loss.

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For orders within India, the prices are listed below. Email me on to order your prints:

A0 Poster (synthetic non-tearable, loose)- Rs. 3000 for the first print, Rs. 2500 for the second print onwards
A1 Posters (synthetic non-tearable, loose)- Rs. 2500 for the first print, 2000 for the second print onwards
A2 Posters (synthetic non-tearable, loose)- Rs. 1200 for the first print, 1000 for the second print onwards
A3 Posters (A3- Individual species and compilation)- Rs. 500 for the first copy and Rs. 200 for the second copy onwards
Tshirts (individual species/compilation)- Rs. 1000 (Blue, Cotton, roundneck, sizes- S,M,L,XL)  

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