Tuesday 9 June 2020

Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary under threat

Vedanthangal, India's oldest water bird sanctuary, is on the way to being denotified and opened up for industries and commercialization. The State Wildlife Board of Tamil Nadu has already cleared the proposal, which is now awaiting the National Wildlife Board's stamp (whose utter lack of commitment to conservation we are all well familiar with by now). Sun Pharma, located at just 3.7 km from the lake, is already looking to expand its industrial activities in the region. Vedanthangal is an important breeding ground for several water birds such as pelicans, storks and ibises. The proposal has met with stiff resistance and a call to withdraw it has managed to create pressure on the Govt. of Tamil Nadu. You too can voice your opposition on Twitter (#SaveVedanthangal) or on email to the CMO Tamil Nadu and the MoEFCC.

A Tamil version of the cartoon (Translated by Vishwaja and M. Yuvan):

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