Thursday 19 November 2020

Cartoons for the Cartoonstock x Red Cross Cartoonathon

Earlier this month I participated in my first Cartoonathon, a series of events that Cartoonstock and the Cartoon Collections conduct in association with various organizations, in which represented cartoonists listen to live seminars, interact with speakers and draw cartoons based on inputs from the talks presented. These are not meant to be graphic scribes (for which I have no talent at all!) but cartoons that take unsaid conversations forward and spark further discussion and debate. These cartoons were done as part of a Cartoonathon with the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre, and Partners for Resilience, with speakers from Scandinavia, South and South-east Asia and the USA; and I had two brilliant fellow-cartoonists Rebeka Ryvola and Sharad Sharma for company. The seminar and the cartoons dealt with the themes of climate resilience, justice and representation for indigenous people. The cartoons will be up for sale as stock cartoons on my Cartoon Collections profile.

Thanks to Samantha Vuignier from Cartoonstock for the opportunity!

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