Tuesday 6 June 2023

The Wildlife Map of Goa

To the tourist, Goa is probably just a checklist of beaches and forts on a week's itinerary, but to a wildlife enthusiast, Goa is an entire planet awaiting discovery! From cetaceans, pelagic birds and stunning invertebrates along the coastline to its west, to a multitude of endemic and endangered species in the hills to its east, with the unique laterite plateaus in the middle, Goa is a hidden biodiversity jewel of the Western Ghats!

Explore Goa's biodiversity with the Wildlife Map of Goa, illustrated for Mrugaya Xpeditions, an ecotourism and conservation education organization in Goa run by one of the best naturalists I know, Mr. Parag Rangnerkar. For prints, write to info@mrugayaxpeditions.com . Here are a few snippets from the map (click for a larger preview):

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