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'Pugmarks and Carbon Footprints' - an exhibition of cartoons on sustainability and conservation, Goethe Zentrum, Hyderabad, 16th April to 1st May, 2016.
Art for Hornbills (A group display of exclusive hornbill artwork)- Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore, 5th and 6th December, 2015
Wildlife the Toonie Way, an exhibition of wildlife caricatures- GP Birla Centre, Hyderabad (5th and 6th June, 2015)
Wildlife the Toonie Way- an exhibition of wildlife caricatures, Indian Cartoon Gallery, Bangalore (September 2014)
Cartoon exhibition with Kids for Tiger at 'Tigerfest', Maharashtra Nature Park, Mumbai (January 2010)
The Lost Sparrow- a group display by 26 Indian artists on sparrow conservation, Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi (October 2011)
Get Eco-creative- a group display on sustainable living, Melbourne (February 2013)

Talks and workshops-

Panel Discussion on Climate Change at City Scripts, IIHS, Bangalore- 8th February, 2019
Cartoons in conservation Communication- a talk at the WWF India Global Education Summit, New Delhi, January 31st, 2019
Panel Discussion on Urban Wildlife at the Hyderabad Literary Festival, 27th January, 2019
'Cartoons in Conservation Communication'- a talk at Pondicherry University (4th October, 2018)
'Cartoons in Conservation Communication'- a talk at Symbiosis University, Pune (26th September, 2018)
Elephants in Cartoons- a workshop for school students at the Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts, New Delhi, during Wildlife Trust of India's 'GajMahotsav' Elephant  Festival , 14th August, 2019

'Wildlife the Toonie Way' - Wildlife cartooning workshop at ATBC, Kuching, Malaysia (Pullman Kuching, 1st July, 2018)

'Cartoons in Conservation Communication' - a talk at ATBC Kuching, Malaysia (Old Court House, Kuching, 2nd July, 2018)

'Cartoons in Conservation Communication'- a talk at the Indie Comix Festival (The Design Village, Noida, 13th May, 2018)
'The Big Dipper' - a talk on my journey as a bird-watcher (Hyderabad Birding Pals, Hotel Marigold, Hyderabad, 31st March, 2018)
'The Big Dipper' - a talk on my journey as a bird-watcher (Karnataka Bird Festival, Mangalore, February 2018)
Drawing for Birds- a talk at the 2nd Goa Bird Festival (Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, January 2018)
Cartoons in Conservation Communication- a talk at the WWF International Youth Forum,Ming Yuen, Hong Kong, hosted by WWF Hong Kong
Cartoons in Conservation Communication- a talk at the Nature in Focus Photography Festival (19th  August, 2017, Bangalore. Details here)
'Art and Wildlife'- a talk at the Saevus Nature Olympiad finale, Mumbai, 14/4/2017
Wildlife cartooning workshop- WWF India and Navjyoti Foundation, Gurgaon 21/3/2017
Wildlife cartooning workshop- Pakke Tiger Reserve (Tippi Interpretation Centre), 9/1/2017
Wildlife Cartooning Workshop- YETI, Tezpur, 6/1/2017
Wildlife Cartooning Workshop- National Children's Literary Festival, Bhuwaneshwar, 10/12/2016
Wildlife Cartooning Workshop- WWF India, 24/12/2016
Wildlife cartooning workshop at West Kameng, Arunachal Pradesh (12th November, 2016)
'India's Environmental Crisis in Cartoons'- a talk at St. Stephen's College, New Delhi- 28th October, 2016
'Art and Wildlife'- a talk at Shiv Nadar University, Greater Noida- 5th October, 2016
Wildlife cartooning workshop- Oakridge International School, Hyderabad, 13th July, 2016
'Drawing for Birds'- A talk on bird art and conservation (A part of the Delhibird talk series)- 14th June, WWF India, New Delhi.
'Illustrative Maps as a Communication Tool'- a talk on my illustrated map series at ICIMOD, Kathmandu, Nepal- 15th March, 2016
Wildlife cartooning workshop at the National Conference on Ethology and Evolution, IISER Mohali, (30th October, 2015)
'Cartoons and psychology and other stuff I don't quite understand but would still like to talk about': An illustrated talk- St. Francis College for Women, Hyderabad (9th June, 2015)
Wildlife cartooning workshop- (5th June 2015, GP Birla Centre, Hyderabad)
Guest speaker at the Karnataka Bird Festival (Ranganthitu Bird Sanctuary, Mysore, March 2015)
Guest speaker at 'Art & Elephants', (Namma Metro Art Gallery, Bangalore, December 2014)
'Art & Wildlife'- a talk on the use of art for conservation and awareness (NCBS, Bangalore, September 2014) 
Guest speaker at The Aruncahal Bird Festival, Eaglenest WLS, Arunachal Pradesh (February 2014)

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