Monday 17 September 2012

More of Green Humour in Saevus

The September issue of Saevus looks terrific (it had to, being the 'bird's special Issue'), with a stunning cover image of Little Owls by wildlife photographer Baiju Patil, brilliant articles, awe-inspiring pictures by some of the best photographers in the country and some great work on the design by Jagan Ramalingam. Here's a glimpse of the Green Humour page (right), and the illustrations I did for the birding guide written by bird man Sumit Sen, which comes as a free supplement with this issue. Catch your copy now if you haven't yet!


  1. Hi Rohan!

    I tremendously enjoyed each of your cartoon strips! Some of them actually made me laugh - especailly the Female Hornbill handing over a list of things to do to the male Hornbill! Your 'Chirps' are hilarious and at the same time put accross the bird's traits very well! Terrific work, Rohan!

    I would like to know how can I obtain a copy of Saevus? I reside in New Delhi. Looking forward to hearing back from you on this. Thanks.

    Puja Sharma

  2. Thanks a lot Puja. Really glad you liked them. You could subscribe online at