Monday 27 October 2014

The Hoopoe's Crest

The magnificent crest of the Hoopoe makes it a favourite among bird-lovers. This bright, colourful bird is widespread in Africa and Eurasia, and can be seen in grasslands, scrubs and lightly wooded country. It uses the long probe-like bill to extract its insect prey out of the ground. Hoopoes nest in tree cavities and are known for their anti-predator defences. The secretion from the uropygial glands of the females and juveniles are extremely foul-smelling, and deter predators. The cartoon appeared in The Hindu BLink. Prints available on my webstore here.

Here's a caricature of the Hoopoe that was a hot favourite at my exhibition held last month. As always, you can order the poster by mailing me. The caricature is available as a coffee mug as well.