Sunday 4 February 2018

Part Time Jobs of a Field Biologist

Field biologists are an enterprising bunch! Here's a little tribute to my field biologist friends who rough it out in tough terrain, harsh weather and inadequate resource, to make research and conservation happen. From my column with Mid-Day today.

Prints of the comic are available on my webstore here. For orders within India, the comic is available as A3 and A2 size posters. Write to me on for ordering prints.

(Inspired by the work of my friend Aishwarya Bhandari, whose research involves tracking and shooting video footage of Dholes or the Asiatic Wild Dog. More about Dholes here. Also inspired by my friend Ushma Shukla, who used to drive a motorbike loaded with field rations across Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary all by herself!).

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