Wednesday 14 June 2023

Urban Biodiversity Map of Hydebarad

(click for a larger view)

Hyderabad's rock formations, older than the Himalayas, may well be a hindrance to real estate developers, but for biodiversity and nature enthusiasts, these very rocks are what makes the city's biogeography unique! Here's a map of the real 'pearls' of the Pearl City, its biodiversity. 

The illustration, that pays tribute to Cheriyal painting,  was done in 2021 for ICLEI and the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation, and has recently been released and displayed. It is available as a free download on the ICLEI South Asia website. I hope that the map will be a reminder to both citizens and the government of all that Hyderabad has at stake from the pressures of unplanned development and urbanization.

(With heartfelt thanks to Ms. Frauke Quader, the chairwoman of the Society To Save Rocks, for sharing her knowledge of the city.)

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