Wednesday 6 December 2023

Live Cartoons at COP28 with the Global Resilience Partnership

Live cartoons done for the Global Resilience Partnership's Cop Resilience Hub sessions at COP28. These are from the session on accelerating access to finance at the local level, with speakers from Fundacion Avina, CDKN, CJRF and Indigenous People and Local Communities networks, moderated by Victoria Matusevich.

Live cartoons from the COP Resilience Hub's session on inversting in nature-based solutions, moderated by Conservation International.

From a session on building climate resilient health systems, moderated by ABT Britain.

From a panel on the intersections of climate change and food security, featuring a speech on climate change and the prevalence of female genital mutilation among the Maasai community, by Miss Climate Kenya, Dorcas Naishorua.

From the UN session on taking stock of climate resilience.

Cartoons from a session on investing in coastal resilience, with speakers from Ocean Risk Alliance and USAID.

From a session on the impacts of climate change on maternal and neonatal health, with speakers from Clinton Health Access, ISHTM UK and Human Rights Watch.

Tuesday 5 December 2023

UAE at COP28

The chief stand-up comedian of the greatest comedy show on earth, COP28, has not disappointed. "No science behind the demand to phase out fossil fuels"- ADNOC Head and COP 28 President, Sultan al Jaber! Cartoon available royalty free on my Cartoonstock gallery.

Monday 4 December 2023

A Chinstrap Penguin Welcomes the UN Secretary General to Antarctica

Scientists have recently uncovered that Chinstrap Penguins snooze more than ten thousand times a day, when nesting! With war mongers and fossil fuel bigwigs still calling the shots around the world, we know who else does that too!

In other news, I am cartooning live at the UAE COP28 (joining online from India) , as the cartoonist-in-virtual-residence for the Global Resilience Partnership’s COP Resilience Hub. You can follow my work from COP28 by subscribing to the GRP’s newsletter here.