Thursday 29 October 2009

Whaling cartoons

The impacts of whaling are not restricted to just whales any more. This unsustainable and cruel practice has not only ravaged whale populations across the world but is also contributing to a host of other problems such as global warming, the deterioration of marine eco-systems, noise pollution from sonar weaponry and its impact on oceanic life. Research also goes on to indicate that the bodies of most whales are contaminated with organochlorines such as PCBs and may not even be suitable for consumption. Despite these accumulating threats, an increasing number of nations in the International Whaling Commission (IWC) are voting for an immediate resumption of commercial whaling. While Japan leads shamelessly, along with Iceland and Norway, Some of the new countries include Benin, Gabon, Tuvalu and Nauru.

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  1. hahaha this one is very well drawn bro.. BTW I am in Nagpur :)

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  3. The Jap whalers when confronted always cite that they are obeying the law, and claim to have the law on their side. The International Whaling Commission allows a certain quota of around 935 minke, 50 fin and 50 humpback whales per season for LETHAL RESEARCH. But a clause in it also allows the meat from these whales to be sold commercially. Each whale sells for around a million dollars! Whales are slow breeding creatures and such killings aren't believed to be at all sustainable. Yet despite mass protests and even aggressive intervention by organisations (especially the Sea Shepherds)the whaling continues. I personally happen to be a member of Sea Shepherd and aspire to be out there someday on one of those ships battling Japanese whalers. I am personally fascinated by whales, dolphins and porpoises :D fortunately my career (in the merchant navy) allows me to sail the high seas and all too often we encounter these magnificent creatures. I have managed to teach myself how to identify common species, with practice and continued interest I hope to become better at it :D
    Also for persons interested Whale Wars is an interesting TV Series about Sea Shepherds crusade as they aggressively defend whales from the Japanese Whaling fleet. The same may be downloaded from Piratebay and other torrent sites.
    - Aashay Baindur