Tuesday 25 October 2011

The Green Humour Diwali Greeting

What was meant to be a festival of lights, is celebrated as a festival of deafening noise, boundless pollution and uncontrolled emission of climate change-inducing, mutation-causing agents. We forget the fact that most animals have much more sensitive ears than ours, and make them the worst victims of such festivals. Another heinous practice associated with Diwali is the 'sacrificing' of owls by Hindu fanatics to the goddess Laxmi. An illegal and severely punishable offence, this is still practised in most parts of the country, being more prevalent in Gujarat and Rajasthan.

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  1. no respite anywhere! killing animals is a fad in most of the religions. be an atheist :) they would still go to KFC and order a plate of animals.

  2. i didnt know of owl being sacrificed in gujarat.. had not heard of it...