Monday 23 January 2012


Somewhere in Central know where.

Of late, there have been heated debates about the contribution of tourism in conservation. While some claim that it is beneficial for wildlife monitoring and keeping wildlife crimes in check, others feel that the general impact of tourism is negative on the health of a reserve forest. In Central India in particular, parks often violate permissible limits for the entry of tourist vehicles, allowing unsustainable numbers to enter the parks frequently. The high number of vehicles and a disregard for jungle ethics among tourists, along with crowded 'tiger shows' on elephant back cause more disturbance than benefit for tigers and other animals.
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  1. That poor striped mammal (you know which).


  2. Oh I know where! Not only do I know which forest, I can tell you which part of the forest, I can tell the name of the guy doing Yoga! :D Poor guy, I saw him lose his temper last summer and that wasn't a pleasant sight even from the distance of a kilometre (where I was standing).

  3. This one's a girl actually...But yes, I do know what and whom you are talking about, Gowri.


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