Tuesday 26 November 2013

Plagiarism by R. Rajgopalan's 'Environment an Illustrated Guide' published by Oxford University Press.

A case of blatant plagiarism has hit me- my cartoon on the Great Indian Bustard has been copied and published in a title 'Environment an Illustrated Journey' by R. Rajgopalan, published by the Oxford University Press in 2011. The image attached here has the relevant details of the act. I thank my friend Sneha Dharwadkar for bringing the matter to my notice and also sending me the pictures of the book and the cartoon used in the book. I have written to the publishing house and am expecting a response asap. In the meantime, if any of you knows Mr. Rajgopalan and would be willing to put me through to him, I'd really appreciate the help. I would request all conservation-related friends in my circle to extend support and report the matter amongst their network. Please note that I have not been credited in any manner in the publication, nor has any written permission been sought from either the author or the publication.

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