Friday 4 July 2014

Trophy Hunting Explained in One Simple Cartoon

In an age when every wild animal needs some sort of conservation aid or the other, every once in a while a trophy hunter makes waves on the internet, claiming to 'support conservation'. Recently, a 'blond' Texan cheerleader has been 'doing her part' by killing lions and leopards and advertising on her social media profiles. Not surprisingly, hunting groups are playing cheerleader to her 'efforts'. Her hunting pictures have sparked a row, making her a subject of two online petitions.

Here's a cartoon that explains what trophy hunting actually is in my view. While there is a growing awareness about poaching among the masses, trophy hunting still goes on unabated. All rhino species are battling it out every day in the wild today, and every single individual counts. It is beyond my comprehension how the authorities can afford to 'sacrifice' a rhino 'for the sake of conservation'.


  1. hm.. felt very sad about that issue.people need to be educated

  2. felt very sad about that issue.Soccer plaques people need to be literate