Monday 6 October 2014

The Bearded Vulture as Hamlet

The Bearded Vulture's diet consists primarily of marrow from the bones of the carcasses it feeds on. Unlike other meat eating vultures that squabble at carcasses for feeding opportunities, the Lammergeier is a gentleman who steps in only when his competitors are done feeding and the bones remain to be worked on. It carries large bones to a height and drops them at rocks to crack the marrow open, and then descends to feed on the fresh marrow. The technique requires years of practice and juveniles may take up to seven years to master it!

The comic is available as A3 size prints in mounted and loose forms, that can be ordered by e-mailing me. Hereon, I am planning to make all prints of my comics available with the little snippets of information at the bottom, so pick your favourites and write to me!