Saturday 4 October 2014

Dogs through the Eyes of a Birdwatcher

It's World Animal Day today! Every birdwatcher, novice or veteran, develops a weird habit of naming creatures in birding lingo, and if you're a birder who's fond of dogs, I guess you ARE guilty of doing this! The poster is available as A3 size prints (and also coffee mugs!), which can be ordered by e-mailing me (

As you might know, I am looking after a street dog who is suffering from Dilated Cardiomyopathy. Here's a picture of the handsome lad (the one on the right, I mean)-
I've named him Laxman after my favourite Indian cartoonist. Now Laxman is being taken care of by the CARE animal shelter in Jakkur, Bangalore and needs to be on cardio-medication all his life. The funds I collect from the sale of this particular poster go towards Laxman's treatment. So order the prints like you're on a mad shopping spree! Happy World Animal Day!


  1. That's such a noble work......and loved d work....definitely brings a smile :)

  2. Wow Rohan!

    that was an amazing post and very kind of u to take care of that baby :)

    I have 3 strays at home...better call them free dogs <3

  3. hi rohan..

    thank you for sharing your wonderful work with us. please let me know the prices for A3 poster size and coffee mugs for the same, helping me place the orders.

    Best Regards


  4. Thanks!
    Shefali- A3 posters are for Rs. 400 for the first print and Rs. 100 for the second print onwards. Please mail me your order, postal address and contact number on

  5. Hi Rohan,
    i would like to know te mug coffee price