Thursday 18 August 2016

RIP Machhli

India's oldest and most famous tigress, Machhli, breathed her last today, in her home, Ranthambor National Park. Said to be the most photographed tiger in the world, Machhli was bestowed with several titles such as 'Lady of the Lakes', 'Tigress Queen', 'The Queen Mother' (owing to the fact that more than half of Ranthambor's tiger's today are her progeny!) and 'The Croc Killer' (based on the famous incident in which she fought and killed a 14 foot long Mugger crocodile). True to her titles, Machhli lived a queen's life and died at the age of 19- a remarkable feat for a wild tiger. It is a sad day for wildlife lovers in India as Machhli joins Ranthambor's conservation legend Fateh Singh Rathore in heaven today.

Sadly, India also lost veteran conservationist Mr. Ashok Kumar today morning. May both their souls rest in peace.

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