Monday 3 October 2016

Arctic Tern Comics for Arastirmaci Cocuk Merkezi

(Juvenile tern to dad: Papa! I have a great idea for a new migration route! 
Look- this short cut is half our last trip! 
Dad: My little boy, you have a lot to learn!)

(Tern: We should really stop hanging out here!)

(Tern 1: I'm going to take a little nap. Can you wake me up when we get home?
Tern 2: Come on, you've been sleeping throughout the journey!
Tern1: Zzzz)

Anyone who's been reading Green Humour knows how special a place the Arctic Tern holds in my heart! Here are some comics on the life of this amazing bird, that I illustrated for Arastirmaci Cocuk Merkezi, or the Children's Research Magazine, which is brought out from Ankara, Turkey. These comics are written by the lovely Ayse Dincer, who designs the magazine. Written in a child-friendly tone for Turkey's young and curious minds, the comics speak about migration (Arctic Terns migrate for the longest distance for any bird); adaptations such as the tern's burglar-like black head, and its ability to sleep in flight.

Thanks to the Arastirmaci team for giving me my first chance to draw comics in Turkish! You can follow this wonderful children's magazine on their Facebook page here.


  1. Hello Rohan,

    I read green humour regularly. I wait for your subsequent cartoons eagerly. And i came to know about so many amazing things in nature through your cartoons. Arctic terns are one of them. Thanks for adding beauty to this world through your cartoons.

    PS: Can you please share the translation of the above cartoon?