Saturday 24 December 2016

The Different Plumages of the Adult Male Ruff

It's Wader Month on Green Humour, and the Ruff is one special wader! Renowned for displaying marked sexual dimorphism, the male ruff engages in a variety of techniques of bagging a mate in a lek. While the non-breeding plumage of a male ruff is like that of a reeve's (a female ruff), three different breeding plumages exist among breeding males- the typical breeding adult, the 'faeder' and the 'satellite' male.

The comic appears in my column with The Hindu BLink today. Merry Christmas and happy birding!

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  1. Yep! It's the Armani costume that is the most successful!
    Have a happy x-mas!

  2. I absolutely love your strips Rohan. Theyre not just informative and funny but so well drawn. I'm actually trying to teach myself illustrator and my first project is animals. Totally inspired by your work :=)