Monday 6 March 2017

Wild Women of India

We all know of Jane Goodall, Rachel Carson and Dian Fossey. But do you know about these heroes?

This Women's Day (8th March), Green Humour celebrates some 'wild' women of India- J.Vijaya, Prerna Bindra, Aparajita Datta, Divya Mudappa, Vidya Athreya, Kiran Pathija, Nandini Velho and Tiasa Adhya. Many more that I wanted to name but could not (owing to space constraints in a comic strip) are Shaleen Attre, Neha Sinha, Krithi Karanth, Rita Banerji, Tasneem Khan, Rajashree Khalap, Ketki Jog and Cara Tejpal.

The comic appears in my column with Mid-Day.

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