Friday 24 November 2017

Primates of Vietnam

Vietnam is a land of incredible biodiversity, specially when it comes to primates. With 25 species of primates, it is among the world's foremost primate-watching hotspots. However, with the exception of the Rhesus and Long-tailed Macaques, most of Vietnam's primates are facing grave threats from poaching, hunting and pet trade, and many are on the very brink of extinction. 7 of these species are critically endangered on IUCN's Red List, and feature on the list of the world's most endangered primates. 

Ravaged by war, Vietnam has had a rough ride with wildlife conservation. American troops stationed in Vietnam's forests during the Vietnam War used these incredibly beautiful primates for 'target-practice' (other than decimating Vietnam's forests with the dreadful Agent Orange). Before Vietnam's  ecology even had a chance to recover from chemical annihilation, in came traditional Chinese medicine, sweeping populations of wild animals for their body parts, particularly the langurs and gibbons. Bushmeat, poaching and the illegal pet trade continue to take a toll, pushing many of these species closer to extinction irreversibly.

The mini-map presents each of these 25 primates and their approximate ranges within Vietnam. Prints and merchandise are available on my webstore here

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A1 size (594 x 841 mm, canvas)- Rs. 4500 for the first print, 4000 for the second print onwards.
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(PS- Vietnam has a primate rehabilitation centre (EPRC) at Cuc Phuong National Park, where many of these primates rescued from poachers and traders, are being cared for. The Centre has also successfully reintroduced rescued individuals into the wild. You can help the EPRC by making a donation here-

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