Wednesday 10 October 2018

Bird Ringing

A cartoon on bird ringing from my Gocomics page, inspired by my bird ringing experience with ornithologist Katherine Leung of WWF Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Bird Ringing Group led by bird ringing veterans from the UK. Some of the birds we ringed were Red-billed Starling, Brown Shrike, Japanese White-eye, Oriental Reed Warblers,  Barn Swallow, and the rare Pleske's Grasshopper Warbler (shown in the cartoon). 

A big thanks to Katherine for the experience, which gave me a chance to observe these beautiful birds at such close quarters (and also find out how soft they are when stroked!)

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  1. Hi rohan ,my family will be moving near by the vedanthangal bird sanctuary and hoping to settle there in future.. If you do come by send me a mail I would be glad to meet you!!!