Thursday 14 November 2019

Hornbills of the World

Hornbills, among the most enigmatic of tropical birds, are named so after the cow-horn shape of their bills. Most species are characterized by the presence of a casque on their bills. Hornbills are crucial to the functioning of forests, as they are among the most efficient dispersers of figs and a variety of other fruit trees. The 62 species of hornbills are spread across Africa, South and South-east Asia, the Southern Ground Hornbill being the largest, and the Red-billed Dwarf Hornbill the smallest. Many species, specially in South-east Asia are severely threatened because of hunting and habitat loss, the most endangered ones being the Helmeted, Sulu and Walden's Hornbills.

Know your hornbill species in this king-sized poster! Prints and a wide range of merchandise are available on my webstore here

For orders within India, the items available and prices are as follows:
A0 Poster (synthetic non-tearable, loose)- Rs. 3500 for the first print, Rs. 3000 for the second print onwards
A1 Posters (synthetic non-tearable, loose)- Rs. 3000 for the first print, 2500 for the second print onwards
A2 Posters (synthetic non-tearable, loose)- Rs. 1200 for the first print, 1000 for the second print onwards
Loose Posters (A3- Individual species and compilation)- Rs. 500 for the first copy and Rs. 200 for the second copy onwards
Tshirts (individual species/compilation)- Rs. 1300 (White, Cotton, roundneck, sizes- S,M,L,XL) 
Email me on to order your prints (mentioning the number of prints and your complete postal address) to place your orders.

A big thanks to Lucy Kemp of the Mabula Hornbill Conservation Project for gifting me a copy of the wonderful book 'Hornbills of the World' (Poonswad, Kemp, Strange) which served as my reference for drawing this poster!

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