Tuesday 28 April 2020

Draft EIA Notification 2020

Clearance Man is back, and this time he is more powerful than ever before! The draft EIA 2020 takes various steps to ensure that environmental violations by corporations and industries are legitimized, some of which are listed in this comic. The policy is being pushed during the lockdown period so as to minimize questioning and opposition.

Read the Draft EIA here. An article on the notification by Mongabay can be read here. You may also follow the Twitter account by environment lawyers Kritika Dinesh and Meenakshi Kapoor, called Redraft EIA 2020 (@ReDraftEIA2020) for simplified tweets that explain the environmental impacts of the various points of the policy. If you are convinced that the draft EIA should be withdrawn, you may voice your objection to the policy on Let India Breathe here, and on Jhatkaa here.

This comic has been as a purely voluntary effort and is exempted from any copyright contracts that most of my other comics are under with their respective publishers. In case you would like to use higher resolutions of the comic, email me on rohanchakcartoonist@gmail.com. 

My thanks to Krithika, Meenakshi and Sushant Bali for their inputs.

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