Saturday 5 September 2020

Fambonglho Wildlife Sanctuary Illustrated Map

Fambonglho Wildlife Sanctuary in Sikkim is a lot more than just a wildlife sanctuary: a place where mythology and folklore meet conservation. Here's an illustrated map of Fambonglho created for the Forest Department of Sikkim, that merges the flora and fauna of the park with the myths and legends of indigenous communities that live in and around it. The map pays tribute to Himalayan Thangka art. Click on the images for a larger view.

I am grateful to DFO Ms. Dechen Lachungpa for arranging a field visit to the sanctuary and for commissioning the project; my second collaboration with the Sikkim Forest Department. The prints of the map will be displayed at the sanctuary and the map and various elements from within it, will be available as souvenirs for visitors.

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