Saturday 13 February 2010

Dreadful Dragons...

This does not cover even half of China's atrocities towards wildlife across the world.
Right from poaching Arctic Foxes to decimating the populations of Africa Elephants to less than half, the Chinese have done every kind of damage possible. It is now up to conservationists and international policy-makers to attempt to reverse this and give the remainder of wildlife a chance to bounce back. 
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  1. hey rohan ...what a wonderful depiction of the dragon ....
    i had read an article in sanctuary a few yrs bak .....abt the policy change which our govt. can have dealing with the Tibetans and Dalai Lama Vs China situ....
    well its in our hands to initiate a process of wildlife conservation wherein we can assure the Tibetans safe refuge here in India ....ONLY IF THEY STOP KILLING OUR ANIMALS AND USING THEIR FUR OR PARTS IN THERE CULTURAL EVENTS..... hope the govt and policy-makers realize the importance of saving our precious wildlife..... grt job rohan ...i hope u get a larger platform to hoist ur opinion ...coz more ppl need to be awakened ,,,,