Saturday 14 December 2013

Bird Caricatures- some commoners

Here are some of the bird caricatures I've been working on, some of my favourite species among the backyard birds of Central India, where I live.
A handsome looking garden bird with a metallic 'tchee tchee tchee' call, it is a pleasure to watch the antics of the Ashy Prinia. Its activity suddenly increases during the monsoons when it breeds and nests. I have had the pleasure of hosting one prinia right in my house, and observed its nest. The nest is stitched into the inner surface of a sturdy leaf, water-proofed by extremely skillful and intricate weaving and 3-5 glossy eggs are laid. 

The Grey Wagtail breeds in the Himalayas in Summer and spreads across the peninsula during the winters. It arrives in huge flocks, and one such flock frequently stops by at my terrace, filling the air with its 'tleep tleep' song. It is probably the species with which I have spent the most amount of time this winter!

An absolute tyrant and brat, both by its looks and its habits. And for the same reasons, a bird I have truly grown to respect!

This species is a rather shy and timid dweller of the undergrowth. It feeds like a thrush close to the ground, turning over leaves and vegetation searching for slugs and insects. Birders identify its presence from its 'I'll-beat-you' call.

The Yellow-footed Green Pigeon is the state bird of Maharashtra, where I live. My hometown is one of the places where a flock of these splendid grey-green pigeons flying from one fruit tree to another is a very common sight.

The caricatures are available as A3 posters, which you can order by e-mailing me on

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