Friday 25 December 2020

Red breasted Goose

The Red-breasted Goose is the perfect example of how wildlife conservation is linked with geopolitics. The IUCN 'Vulnerable' species travels from Siberia to Europe, facing several different threats in different countries, making a global collaboration between organizations imperative for its conservation. In one of my most exciting assignments, Birdlife Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Society for Protection of Birds commissioned me to create a set of cartoons that explain the species' migratory journey, the threats it faces, and the ongoing efforts to understand and conserve it.

A huge thanks to Mr. Nicky Petkov of the BSPB for commissioning the project. The 12 cartoons and two caricatures will soon be used in calendars, posters and multimedia for the BSPB's project 'LIFE for Safe Flight'.

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