Wednesday 3 November 2021

Bats in Asia Pacific Cultures

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Media propagated myths about bats have long tarnished their reputation as creatures of horror and harbingers of death. It is time to undo that, and what better way than to go back to our roots? Here is a map that showcases how different countries, mythologies and cultures in the Asia Pacific celebrate and revere bats. The illustration is based on an incredible research and publication by Pteropus (Rimba, Malaysia) who also commissioned the illustration. 

Limited edition prints are available on Rimba's webstore 'The Fruit Bat Shop'. The prints can also be purchased via my webstore, shipped internationally. For orders within India, write to me on mentioning the address and contact details and the number of prints you'd like (A0: Rs. 3500, A1: Rs. 3000, with discounts on multiple orders). 

A special thanks to Mary Ruth Low and Sheema Abdul Azeez for giving me this opportunity, and the most exciting illustration project of the year, and also very generously permitting me to sell prints of the artwork!

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