Saturday 28 January 2023

Keystone Species Awards

Did you know that the total biomass of the Antarctic Krill, at 379000000 tonnes, is the largest animal biomass of any species on earth? And it is this tiny organism that sustains the entire continent of Antarctica (as well as other landmasses in the Southern Ocean).

I first came to know of this astonishing piece of trivia when I illustrated a panoramic habitat representation of the Antarctic Peninsula for Save Our Seas Foundation . Read more about how all life on Antarctica, right from tiny petrels to gigantic Humpback Whales, link back to the Antarctic Krill in the food web, on the article accompanying the illustration.

That’s one organism that ‘kreally’ deserves an award (and the limelight!)

The comic is a part of my ongoing collaboration with Europe’s leading news channel DW for their social media page

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