Thursday 17 August 2023

Natural Forests versus Miyawaki Plantations

Miyawaki plantations have been touted as the easy answer to unplanned urban development, with even India's MoEFCC promoting it as a quick fix for urban greening. The science though, is drastically different from the cosy picture Miyawaki paints. Ecologists and critics of the method say that there is no substitute for natural green spaces, that there is no 'quick fix' for deforestation.

Comic from my column with Roundglass Sustain, doubling up as a Hayao Miyazaki fan comic!

In their article 'How Mr. Miyawaki Broke my Heart' in The Wire Science, authors Fazal Rashid and Somil Daga aptly refer to the Miyawaki method as 'climax without foreplay'! Read here.

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